AI Widget

AI Widget

Turn your website into a $1 lead machine.

Spotlead AI Widget captures the identity of up to 40% of your website visitors including their names, emails and home address.

Each lead only costs you $1, and we use this data to retarget them with ad offers, send them email offers, and place their address on a Google map so you can canvass them.

Are you ready to transform anonymous visitors into revenue?

98% of your website visitors are anonymous and never contact you.

What if you could recover these lost leads and capture this lost revenue? With Spotlead, you can. We help identify your anonymous visitors and grow your roofing lead pipeline faster.


$1 Visitor Leads

Spotlead AI Widgets can identify up to 40% of your website visitors even if they don't contact you. Data includes their first name, last name, email address, and home address. All verified with our data partners and the USPS.

You Never Get a 2nd Chance to Make a First Impression.

79% of consumers admit to making judgements on a company’s credibility based on the company’s website experience and engagement.


Higher Engagement

Spotlead AI Widgets get higher engagement because we have so many connection options for your visitor to choose from. Including sms chat, booking calendars, customer reviews and we can even embed videos and photo galleries.


Instant Connections

Spotlead AI Widgets give you the option to engage with your website visitors by SMS chat, live operator chat, or you can use our AI Assistant to do the chatting for you. No matter which way you choose, your website visitors will be impressed with your customer service.


Visual Feedback

Spotlead AI Widgets record and heatmap user activity on you website to see what made them stay or bounce. Because sometimes you just have to dig in and see how your visitors are behaving on your site in order to make improvements.

How It Works ...

Spotlead AI Widgets can see who’s visiting your website – even if they don’t fill out a form! With our Widget, we can give you contact information and more.

Customize Widget

Our AI Widget is 100% fully customized to your company and brand. Every button, link, and option is totally under your control.

Install Widget

Our AI Widget is easy to install on any website or funnel. With just a few lines of code you'll be up and running in no time at all.

Collect Leads

Our AI Widget will double your conversions and collect up to 40% of your website visitor's contact information everyday.

It's The End Of Invisible Visitors!

Get started today and capture up to 40% of your website traffic.