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Roof Chatbot

Never miss another sales opportunity.

Our Roof AI Chatbot works 24/7 reaching out and responding to your new leads, old leads and every customer in between. It never takes a break and never sleeps, working continuously to book you more appointments.

An Appointment Setter That Never Sleeps or Takes a Break or Goes on Vacation or Asks For a Raise or Calls in Sick.

Not only does our AI Chatbot work 24/7/365, it's also trained specifically for your business so it knows every detail even better than your employees.


Appointment Booking

Spotlead AI Chatbot is custom trained to your business by crawling your websites, landing pages, google/word docs, knowledge base, and more. You even have the ability to train each individual answer from every conversation.


Database Reactivation

Spotlead AI Chatbot has multiple use cases including reengaging your database of old leads. We can reach out to your old leads, demo no-sales, and even your customers to engage with them and book more appointments.


After Hours

Spotlead AI Chatbot comes with unlimited prompts so you can build out a custom variation for all your use cases. You can create one for each product line or for customers vs leads.


Multiple Channels

Spotlead AI Chatbot can work for you across all your communication channels including SMS, email, social messaging, live chat and even from your website forms. Each channel can be individually customized.

How It Works ...

Spotlead AI Chatbot is ready to go to work for you. It only takes a few hours for training and then it's time to start having conversations.

Train Assistant

Our AI Chatbot is 100% fully customized to your company and brand. We train your bot with your website, documents and more.

Select Channels

Our AI Chatbot is ready to tackle whatever you need most. Whether it's new inbound leads or old leads, it's ready to go to work.

Book Appointments

Our AI Chatbot works day and night, wherever your customers and prospects are, and it's always trying to generate appointments.

It's The End Of Missed Opportunities!

Get started today and never miss another opportunity.