AI Ads

AI Ads

Reach more homeowners for less.

We advertise your offers on up to 12 different platforms including Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Youtube and more.

Our AI Ads get up to -50% cheaper ad costs and up to +50% higher click-through rates than industry benchmarks by our committed focus on ad quality, relevance and testing.

It's Time To Fire Your Agency.

Ads are no longer optimized by humans. Ad platforms such as Google and Facebook can now be managed by their built-in AI's with better results.


Lower Click Costs

Higher quality scores means lower click costs and Spotlead AI Ads get higher quality scores because we custom-build your ad copy based on each landing page. This also increases your click-through rate, relevance and customer experience.


More Ad Testing

Spotlead AI Ads run multiple variations of your adverts to help prevent ad fatigue and keep your audience engaged. We also use variations to test and optimize your campaigns, leading to better results and a higher ROI.


Auto Optimization

Spotlead AI Ads automate your ad improvements and our ad copy machine with high-end graphics, and audience targeting work hand-in-hand with Google and Facebook AI algorithms to improve your results over time. (on autopilot)


Retargeting Campaigns

Spotlead AI Ads can target your audience on multiple channels based on several factors including relationship, interaction and more. From re-targeting to look-a-like audiences, we keep your brand front and center.

How It Works ...

Spotlead AI Ads can have your ads up and running and generating leads within 24 hours after launch. Our AI Ad generators do all the work from A to Z.

Ad Design

Our AI Ad Engine will crawl your website or landing page, gather content and design several ads. You will have the option to make unlimited changes to the ad copy, images, etc, before launch.

Ad Targeting

Our AI Ad Engine will make targeting suggestions based on your website and description provided. You can modify this targeting anytime with the click of a button.

Ad Launch

Once you're happy with your ad designs and targeting, we'll launch your ads. Our AI will show a timeline of progression and continue to suggest any changes that may improve your results.

It's The End Of High Agency Fees!

Get started today and improve your digital ad results.